May. 25th, 2014

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Since I write best on Sunday mornings, it's great when I can use them to get the hardest thing out of the way: the opening of a new chapter.

Nukume Dori 21
The hospital director was a dignified man who took meetings with dignified weight. "Please make yourself comfortable, Sumeragi-san, while I ask my secretary to ask someone to get security or the janitor who can let you up onto the roof," he said seriously, gesturing to the tea he'd had brought in earlier. "It shouldn't take long."

Forcing a smile Subaru settled into the chair, trying not to fidget as the old man exited his office to find his secretary. Already the usual ritual of formality and greeting had taken longer than Subaru liked, and the director had drawn things out further with his genuine curiosity about onmyoujitsu that Subaru was characteristically too kind to fend off. Over half an hour had passed since Subaru had arrived here and he hadn't even started the job. A waste of time when there wasn't much time left.

The antique clock on the desk ticked seconds like a bomb, and with some effort Subaru ran through some breathing exercises for calm. The past two weeks or so had passed in a blur though it hadn't felt like it at the time, it had just felt like a languid dream. Spending time with Hokuto as she let her creativity fly. Coming home from jobs to find her cooking and merrily chatting with Seishirou. Going out with Seishirou, sometimes with Hokuto as well but more often just the two of them either on Subaru's jobs or on dates, or going nowhere at all and simply lying tangled in each other. That last especially was the most dream-like and Subaru still found himself wondering with disbelief that he and Seishirou were now lovers, especially with Seishirou being so accommodating. After all their conflict and troubles since Subaru had woken up in this life, the past fortnight had been sheer bliss with arguments simple scheduling negotiations, Seishirou's darker impulses mischief, and any fighting mostly play before Subaru yielded beneath Seishirou to a kiss. All of it was almost too good to be true, though Subaru refused to follow that thought too far. As much as possible he'd simply enjoyed things living in the moment without any talk of the Bet just as he promised Seishirou.

The dream had ended when during yesterday's regular call to Kyoto, Lady Sumeragi informed Subaru of a job at Shinjuku General Hospital. Subaru had known this was coming of course, but avoided thinking about it. That was impossible now.

Climax chapters are far more fun ^_^

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