Sep. 9th, 2014

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These are incredibly quick to write I feel productive, especially with the actual chapter being like pulling teeth (damn you Sakurazukamori). First one here.

a shop
"Quality is not just worth buying for, it's also more economical," insists Hokuto, rummaging through the dress rack. "Something that is made well is made to last -- if you buy one coat that's worth sixty thousand yen but will last for a decade, it's cheaper than buying a cheap nine thousand yen coat every year for ten years."

"Very true, but in the first scenario you only get one coat, whereas the second gives you a new coat every year so you can keep up with fashion," Seishirou replies, also rummaging. He already has three different shopping bags slung over his arm. "And I know you like to keep up with fashion."

"Ah, ah, ah, that, Sakurazuka Seishirou-san, is where you're wrong. I have style, not fashion, and there's a big difference. Fashion is fleeting, style is forever -- it just so happens that I have lots of styles. Ohoho!"

"I see." Seishirou grins, the warm light catching his glasses. "What do you think of this?"

He holds up a skirt, flared, knee-length, and printed with a black-and-white photograph of a Parisian street. Hokuto's face lights up. "Oh that is adorable très chic I love it! Please say it's in my size, please!"

"Extra small, and the very last one." He throws the skirt over the rack.

"Woohoo!" Hokuto catches the skirt easily and holds it over her orange shorts and thigh-high black socks, examining herself in front of the mirror. "Oh, this looks perfect we're so definitely getting it!"

"Don't you need to try it on?" asks Seishirou as she throws the skirt back at him.

"Nope! After all my shopping and clothes experience I have an instinct for these things, and I can tell you right now that skirt is going to be perfect on me. Go pay for it, will you Sei-chan?"

"Hai, hai."

Ruefully he goes to obey. Hokuto preens for a moment not noticing the three teenage girls who have come out of the fitting rooms behind her. "Hokuto-chan?" one asks uncertainly.

Hokuto turns, surprise quickly turning into delight. "Kanako-chan! And Aya-chan and Rei-chan!" Pixie-like she jumps over to the girls who welcome her with squeals and hugs. "What are you all doing here?"

"Sales hunting, same as you!" laughs Aya. "You look amazing as always, where did you get that cape?"

"Vintage shop!" Hokuto twirls so the black half-cape flares out to best effect. "We'll have to all go there together sometime after school, did we have English homework due this week I can't remember."

"No, this week it's Japanese literature. You should have told us you were going shopping today we could have all come out together!"

"Ahaha, well, I'm actually out with another friend--"

"Hokuto-chan!" The four girls look over to where Seishirou is standing with a salesgirl. "They're giving away a promo with each purchase over ten thousand yen. Do you want a mini-perfume or a lip-gloss?"

"Mini-perfume! And if you can get the salesgirl to give me the lip-gloss too even better!"

Cheekily Hokuto waves at him before returning to her school friends. Their eyes are wide and round as they take in Seishirou: tall, dark, handsome, and charming the salesgirl to a blush. "Is he - is that man your boyfriend, Hokuto-chan?" asks Kanako, awed.

"My boyfriend?" To that notion Hokuto can only laugh, bright and uproariously in a way that leaves zero room for doubt. "Absolutely not! For one thing he's already taken, and even if he wasn't in many ways we're far, far too alike. My boyfriend, pfft, noo~o way." Suddenly she grins. "He is part of my family, though."


"All done, Hokuto-chan," Seishirou calls from the counter. "And it's nearly one, we're going to have to hurry if we're to make our lunch reservation upstairs."

"Okay!" With a wink Hokuto flits away leaving the three girls to their confusion. "Have to go, sorry, can't leave my brother-in-law waiting. I'll see you all in class, ne?"

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