Dec. 21st, 2014

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ND 22.5 - News (excerpt)

"It's about time."

Hokuto's face loomed above him large and close. Black eyeliner gave her reddened green eyes a painful edge, though strangely wasn't smudged. Water-proof makeup, Subaru noted detachedly, that or his sister had just done a touch-up. Weakly he made himself smile. "Good morning, Hokuto-chan."

"Good afternoon. Good 1:23 p.m., good after lunch, good I don't know how long we've been waiting--" The crisp words were choked off as she flung herself down to hug him on the pillow. "Oh, Subaru!"

Wincing Subaru wrapped his free arm around his twin's shoulders. His other arm had an I.V. in it. Now that he could see past her he could tell from the ceiling and nearby window that he was in hospital, no surprise there. Hokuto shook against him and there were tears wetting his neck. The terror he must have put her through ... "I'm all right," Subaru murmured. "I'm all right, nee-chan."

"No, you're not." Abruptly Hokuto pulled back wiping just below her eyes with short, sharp strokes. Her face once she lowered her hands was grim. "You have an abdominal stab wound nearly ten centimetres deep. You have a ripped diaphragm and ruptured stomach, ruptured blood vessels, some intestinal tearing creating a risk of infection, internal swelling, several sutures and stitches--" Subaru flinched as each item was recited knowing it was just the build-up, "--you lost heaven knows how much blood and apparently a woman like that shouldn't have been able to stab as deeply as she did but you actually threw yourself onto the knife what the hell were you trying to do?!"

So much for hoping she would take it easy on him. Not that Subaru could really blame her. "I ... was trying to make things better," he said vaguely.

"By sacrificing yourself? For a complete stranger? How in the name of all the gods does that make things better--"

"Hokuto-chan." The calm voice made Subaru's heart pound. "Maybe it would be better to ask later when Subaru has recovered more strength."

Pushing himself onto his elbows Subaru looked to the far end of the room. There beside the door stood Seishirou, arms folded, leaning against the wall with a smile beneath his glasses and amber eyes. Two eyes. Whole and unharmed. The flip-date on the clock above the door showed there was still two days before the end of the Bet.

Subaru had done it. Things had changed.


Skipping writing the Seishirou-centric scene for now because holy crap is it tricky. Thankfully the rest of the chapter is flowing much more smoothly.

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