Jan. 3rd, 2015

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That moment where you realise that in order to properly do the hardest scene in the current chapter you need to set down exactly what happened and effectively rewrite the entire original manga from the other character's point of view ...

Nukume Dori Consequence - chapter ??*
"You were watching at Ikebukuro, weren't you," said the /Kamui/. Casually. Like he hadn't damaged that which was not his. He stood above long coat flowing, rain dripping into his eyes which looked down on Seishirou with obvious amusement.

Seishirou imagined taking out those eyes one by one as payback. But even if he had a chance of defeating the /Kamui/ it would not heal the mark that had been left on his prey. "So you noticed," he replied, removing his sunglasses and giving the /Kamui/ an easy smile. Refusing to rise to the bait.

"Heh." The /Kamui/ leapt down from his perch so that he and Seishirou were on level ground. "Seems to me that you and that Dragon of Heaven are related in some way."

"We made a foolish bet some time ago," Seishirou replied dismissively, pulling out his cigarettes which if nothing else kept his hands from throttling the /Kamui/. Still the /Kamui/ watched him steady and contemplative. The kind of gaze Seishirou was used to giving to others. He would be damned before he gave the /Kamui/ the satisfaction of seeing him affected, but. "Cigarette? Though perhaps it's not the best idea to offer them to a teenager."

"Well ..." The /Kamui/ stepped forward so that he was smiling inches from Seishirou's face. His two eyes seemed full of light. "It's not as if you give a damn about me, right?"

Two eyes. Light eyes. The eyes that had looked at Seishirou at Nakano above a cigarette lighter. It was Subaru who stood before him speaking those words.

Seishirou blinked. The person before him turned and suddenly it was the /Kamui/ again, grinning over his shoulder through the grey rain. Shaken, Seishirou lit his cigarette every instinct he had on highest alert. Had that moment been his imagination? Or was it another, more insidious part of the /Kamui's/ abilities-- "It was that Dragon of Heaven's wish to lose his right eye the same way you did," the /Kamui/ said, almost bored as he leaned against the nearby wall, "however his true Wish is something only you can realise for him. And--" Seishirou flinched as the /Kamui/ lunged snatching the cigarette from his lips, "--his true Wish is different to what you think it is."

*basically writing two chapters at the same time--!*

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