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More footsteps came, these ones measured, more deliberate. She knew whose they were, and didn't look up to greet their owner when he stopped at her side. "I got us bentos," Seishirou said evenly.

"... Thanks." A plastic box appeared in front of Hokuto's face. She took it and Seishirou sat down beside her. The bento was a cheap combini one warm to the touch. Seishirou must have gotten someone to heat it up. "I don't think we're supposed to eat here," said Hokuto softly.

"I won't tell if you don't." He had already opened his bento and was beginning to eat. The smell of teriyaki made Hokuto's mouth water -- maybe she was hungry after all. And she needed to keep up her strength. Popping the lid, she snapped the chopsticks and began to eat.

An uneasy quiet followed filled only with the sounds of chewing. Something in Hokuto abstractly marvelled at it given that morning. If she hadn't been crying or screaming Subaru's name she had been pinning down nurses demanding to know what happened, where her brother was, his condition, who was taking care of him and anything else that popped into her head. Asking questions made her feel like she was doing something. She had probably caused the hospital staff a lot of trouble. Thankfully Seishirou had been there and calm enough to keep her from breaking down completely.

Very calm.

Carefully, Hokuto turned to look at Seishirou, the first time today that she was paying him any real close attention. He sat casually, focused on his food as he ate. His hair was neat, his glasses polished, and his black suit only slightly rumpled after a whole day's wear. For all that Seishirou was nine years older Hokuto had never felt the age gap between them other than as something to tease about, but now she found herself profoundly grateful that he as an adult could take charge while she cried like her world was ending. At the same time, that gratitude made her defensive. Seishirou was not someone she wanted to look vulnerable in front of. She couldn't afford to because, because ...

Chopsticks up, chopsticks down. Hokuto watched his steady hands. For a man who had seen his lover stabbed by a madwoman, Seishirou was remarkably composed.


Big change over at chez Leareth with yet another change of continent on the way, but after a whirlwind week of mad packing and cleaning I'm looking forward to a long break to relax, catch up with a whole lot of reading/TV/anime, and of course, writing. (Suddenly ND22 is no longer looking quite so intimidating.) And travel. I'll be returning to New York next week, and this time extending my travels out to Washington DC and Boston, so if anyone has any recommendations for things to do or see (or if you're interested in meeting up!), leave a message!
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