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Posting from the artsy end of Berlin, Germany ...

For all the fabulous, wonderful readers I've met over all these years, from Canada, the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and particularly the last few months in NYC, Washington DC, Boston, and Hamburg. I can't believe how many people around the world have been following this fic for so long O.O;;

They were all here. Seven Dragons of Earth and their Dreamseer. He himself had arrived last, partly so as to see those who passed first, partly to make an entrance. It had paid off and he introduced himself with his title meeting the eyes that warily assessed him with a smile beneath his sunglasses. Some figures he already knew by reputation. Kanoe the Dreamseer with her seductive dresses and dark, appreciative gaze. Yatouji Satsuki trailing ennui and computer cords. The rumoured existence of the Dreamgazer now confirmed and named even if Kuzuki Kakyou wasn't one for talking. Those he didn't know soon identified themselves: Shiyuu Kusanagi with his solder's bearing looked uncomfortable in this cold cavern of metal and wires; Kigai Yuuto had been perfectly, distantly polite; Kanoe had introduced the expressionless bioroid Nataku -- now there was a wonder of modern technology -- before bringing out the last--

Seishirou stared. What was Subaru doing here under the Diet Building?

No, he corrected himself quickly, the person stepping from the shadows was not Subaru, it was the young man who days earlier had broken into Seishirou's maboroshi interrupting his skirmish with the Kamui. The same young man but now very, very different, all sharp edges and dark, cold arrogance. He radiated power the likes of which Seishirou had only seen from the Kamui which meant -- ah. This was the Kamui's opposing star. This was the Kamui of the Dragons of Earth.

He looked nothing like Subaru.

Keeping up his smile Seishirou watched as this second Kamui made his rounds of the group as if this were some private networking event instead of a gathering of those who would destroy humanity. He himself stood aloof from the rest -- for all that he was a Dragon of Earth he was, first and foremost, the Sakurazukamori and didn't need let alone want to be part of any 'team'. He was here simply as a courtesy and for his own curiosity, with no intention of lingering--

"The Sakurazukamori. The assassin who uses onmyoujitsu to kill." Striding over from Kusanagi the second Kamui stopped before Seishirou with a smile but not the customary bow. "It's good to have a man of such power and heritage with us. Do you have a name to go with the title?"

The young man was nearly as tall as himself, Seishirou noted guardedly, and up close his power was almost blazing. Seishirou wasn't stupid enough to challenge it but neither would he bend his knee. "Sakurazuka Seishirou," he replied pleasantly, also not bowing. "And you are -- or at least were -- Monou Fuuma."

"I am /Kamui/." The young man's eyes glittered into Seishirou's sunglasses. "I noticed how you stared earlier. Something wrong?"

"It's not every day I meet one who hunts the majesty of the gods." Still the /Kamui/ studied him, piercing and direct. Seishirou refused to be intimidated. "I just thought you looked like someone, that's all."

/Kamui's/ smile widened.
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