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For the first time in a very long time I am a) not traveling anywhere, b) not working (sick day), and c) actually have the creative headspace to write. So I finished a thing!

TITLE: Morning
CHAPTER: 6 (final)
SUMMARY: Breakfast finally gets eaten but not finished.
NOTES: It's the final chapter! I started this fic in 2004 which is ... oh god, nearly a decade ago. And it's only six chapters. Uh, I had a law degree to finish, a job to find, three cities to move to, and now a new continent to live on?

Read it over at AO3 but leave a comment wherever you please :)

*takes a bow* thank you all for reading and being so patient!
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Work has been ... hellish lately. On the upside, it means I try to write more.

Nukume Dori 20
Rating: R, warning for sexual content

She looked fantastic. )
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Nukume Dori 20 [Hokuto]

She looked fantastic )


Feeling particularly accomplished today after spending literally the whole day in bed adding some 2,500 words of Seishirou being over-confident, which brings the chapter to a current total of 6,700+ words. Me and my inability to write short chapters, siiiiiigh
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He arched beneath him, hot, wanting. Hazy with triumph and arousal Seishirou held Subaru down on the mattress revelling in how the younger man shuddered, no longer the Sumeragi but pleasure made flesh helpless in Seishirou's grasp. He pushed deeper, riding the thrill of Subaru's moans, forcing himself to be slow even as Subaru looked up to meet his gaze with a smile and emerald eyes bright with happiness and knowing--

"Even though they're always hidden behind your glasses, I can see your eyes are not like those of normal people."

"And that's why you think I took advantage of Subaru-kun?"

"It's why I think you're capable of it."

Seishirou's POV is ranging from wickedly fun to incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately it's mostly the latter.
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Nukume Dori 20 (excerpt)

The lunch crowd noise filled the space between them, loud and meaningless. Seishirou's smile had turned strange and Hokuto wasn't sure if she liked it. "Is that what you think?" he asked at last. "That I took advantage of Subaru-kun?"

Images of Seishirou kissing her brother, her brother's mouth opening in complete submission-- "I don't like thinking it," Hokuto replied, shifting uncomfortably in her chair. "But I do think you're capable of it."
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TITLE: Nukume Dori
NOTES: FINALLY. Also, the apartment scene in my head has a soundtrack; 'Flames' by VAST ( which I thoroughly suggest putting on in the background.

Subaru was being hunted. )
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Nukume Dori 19.2 (19.1)

It was a small house. It was an even smaller funeral )

Joyeux Noël et bonne anneé á tous! I admit I'm not writing as much of this as I'd hoped to do over the holiday period because well, I'm in New York :) from Christmas and New Year until the first weekend of January. Any New Yorkers reading? :D
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I swear this fic-started-on-a-drunken-whim is purely an outlet for me to run amok with my love of plot/action/dialogue with the added bonus of making use of my ridiculous fascination with US politics and media while showing off the amount of world travel I've done over the years.

TITLE: Silvertongue chapter 5/?
FANDOM: Marvel Avengers movie-verse
CHARACTERS: Entire Avengers cast, plus originals, no pairings in particular other than Pepper/Tony.

Archive Of Our Own link.
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Because I'm having trouble pitching the opening of 19.2, and I'm on the lonely down-trough that is the flipside of the travel buzz. Warnings for violence and assault.

Nukume Dori 19.1

Subaru was being hunted. )

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Nukume Dori 19.2 (excerpt)

"Your heart's racing."

"...Are you going to stop it?"

Lips on his chest. "Not yet."

I will finish the fic-that-ate-my-life if it kills me. Also, hello, I've mirrored/moved this fic journal to DreamWidth, so add/follow/comment there :) Fic posts will still be made to LJ, but the aim is to make Dreamwidth my primary platform for writing as well as personal. As for other social media:

TWITTER @ _leareth (locked, but I'm happy to add readers)

*scurries back to writing*


Sep. 12th, 2012 09:20 am
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Anyone here on Twitter? I finally caved and joined up :)


still alive barely, now in count down before getting on a very long plane trip...
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Hello anyone and everyone still reading! I've been very quiet lately on the internet and writing front and I'm sorry to say that this is going to continue for a while due to a rather massive life change. Suffice to say it involves packing up and moving to quite literally the other side of the world for an incredibly exciting opportunity which unfortunately leaves me very little time for well, anything let alone writing >.> that being said, there's going to be a lot of airport and plane time I need to pass, as well as long winter nights that I plan to put to good use.

By the by, if anyone reading this lives in Europe and likes showing visitors around, do feel free to say hello =D
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Wanted: someone who knows the Marvel movie-verse, has a working knowledge of US political system and media, with an eye for writing and dialogue to toss ideas around with me. Doesn't need to be attached to any pairing 'ship other than those established in the movies, though those who like potential redemption of bad boys and vaguely incestuous reconciliation would have fun.

TL;DR I've stuck myself in the incredibly plot heavy machinations of the Marvel movie-verse fic I jumped into on an admittedly drunken whim and am now in desperate need of someone to bounce ideas off as I pull plot threads together. If you'd like to help pull me out leave a comment! :)
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I like most of the world, had a great time with The Avengers. I also had a great time with Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. It wasn't a sandbox I wanted to play in but Becky keeps putting up links to fic to read and I got hit with a completely random idea about what if like Thor losing Mjolnir Loki could be stripped of his power how dangerous would that be in the wrong hands which immediately leapt off a cliff with my morbid fascination with American presidential elections and hey didn't Tom Hiddleston make a comment about how Loki just wants to belong and maybe join the Avengers--

...oh god what have I done I don't know help.

Silvertongue Ch 1-3/?

(NOTE: I make no claim to any knowledge of Marvel-verse beyond the movies.)
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Anyone out there on AO3? More than that, anyone out there on AO3 and willing to give me an invite for fic purposes? Pwease?

EDIT: AO3 invite acquired! Thank you so very much, [ profile] solo____!
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In what is possibly the shortest chapter of this epic, and the fastest I've ever done an ND chapter from blank page to end(!!)

Nukume Dori
Annex VII: Firelight

The ski lodge lounge was emptying now )

~tbc in chapter 19~
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There's really no such thing as a short chapter with this fic T_T

Nukume Dori 18 (first half) )
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"You were gone." Subaru's voice was muffled as he pressed his face against the Sakurazukamori's chest, one hand tangling in the man's shirt – no, Subaru definitely wasn't aware of his audience. "You were gone, you had left me again—"

"Subaru-kun, this isn't a good time—"

"—also you put me to sleep which you know I hate take the spell off—"

"—that's not a good idea; I really think you should let me take you back upstairs—"

"—I said take it

Dead silence followed Subaru's shout. Seiichirou realised he was holding his breath along with everyone else. Like a defensive hawk the Sakurazukamori looked down at all of them, possessively holding onto Subaru who fit so comfortably against him and mind obviously racing to find a way to manage the situation. Seiichirou felt an odd sympathy for him. "As you wish," he said at last.


I made this fic a prequel to this fic. That meant I read it again for the first time in what, nearly four years? And then I got to where I left off and felt really, really guilty, because it only needed one more chapter to be complete. So I sat down and started doing it. Two thousand words later I finally know how it's going to end. my defence, it's actually far easier to write now that I'm closer to Seiichirou's age so I know exactly what perspective he's bringing.
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This is all Becky's fault. COMPLETELY. Also I went to an eye doctor recently and now know far too much about the structure of the eye and what can go wrong with it.

S&S oneshot, takes place after Subaru's blinding by Fuuma in X and the destruction of Shinjuku. Can be read as a prequel to this other fic of mine hence the title.

The Moonlight is Morning's Prelude )