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TITLE: Nukume Dori
NOTES: FINALLY. Also, the apartment scene in my head has a soundtrack; 'Flames' by VAST ( which I thoroughly suggest putting on in the background.

Subaru was being hunted. )
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Nukume Dori 19.2 (19.1)

It was a small house. It was an even smaller funeral )

Joyeux Noël et bonne anneé á tous! I admit I'm not writing as much of this as I'd hoped to do over the holiday period because well, I'm in New York :) from Christmas and New Year until the first weekend of January. Any New Yorkers reading? :D
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Because I'm having trouble pitching the opening of 19.2, and I'm on the lonely down-trough that is the flipside of the travel buzz. Warnings for violence and assault.

Nukume Dori 19.1

Subaru was being hunted. )

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Nukume Dori 19.2 (excerpt)

"Your heart's racing."

"...Are you going to stop it?"

Lips on his chest. "Not yet."

I will finish the fic-that-ate-my-life if it kills me. Also, hello, I've mirrored/moved this fic journal to DreamWidth, so add/follow/comment there :) Fic posts will still be made to LJ, but the aim is to make Dreamwidth my primary platform for writing as well as personal. As for other social media:

TWITTER @ _leareth (locked, but I'm happy to add readers)

*scurries back to writing*
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In what is possibly the shortest chapter of this epic, and the fastest I've ever done an ND chapter from blank page to end(!!)

Nukume Dori
Annex VII: Firelight

The ski lodge lounge was emptying now )

~tbc in chapter 19~
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There's really no such thing as a short chapter with this fic T_T

Nukume Dori 18 (first half) )
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"We're closed, sorry!" This call from the reception desk where Yukari the veterinary assistant and Michiko the receptionist were standing. As Subaru closed the door Yukari hurried over to him a service smile pasted to her face. "Hi there, sorry we're actually closing up so unless it's an emergency could you come back--" She broke off as she realised who he was. "Sumeragi-kun?"

Subaru bowed still holding on to the suit. "Good evening Yukari-san, Michiko-s--"

"Oh wow, Sumeragi-kun, hello!" Yukari's face was an flashing animation of delighted surprise. "I didn't realise it was you with that haircut, you look so different! And you've picked up Sakurazuka-sensei's suit, that's so sweet, let me get him--" With a grin she jogged up to the corridor that led to the surgery and back rooms and dramatically cupped a hand beside her mouth. "Sakurazuka-sensei, your wife's here!"

Subaru nearly dropped the suit. Behind the reception desk Michiko had turned a disapproving red. "Yukari-san, really," she chided.

"It's all right, we're among friends! Come on in, Sumeragi-kun, no need to stand by the door, when did you get your hair cut? It's a great look and really works on you, don't you agree Michiko-san? And I bet it works for Sakurazuka-sensei too if you know what I mean."

The grin on her face was slightly too wide, and didn't help Subaru regain composure. "I, I'm not sure I do, Yukari-san."

"Oh, you know,
works. Cute is one thing and you were very cute, but it's for kids and there's only so much Sakurazuka-sensei can do with a kid. You look older this way." She winked as if sharing a secret that Subaru didn't think he liked, and he liked less the assumption that he understood in the first place. "No matter what people say, there will always be those of us who mature faster than others, right?"

Subaru felt his face heat. Naive as he knew he was about such things, the implications beind Yukari's words were rapidly taking shape. He didn't know which made him more uncomfortable, the implications themselves or the fact that he was now able to see them, but then there was a shadow behind Yukari and his discomfort spiked into a flutter. "Subaru-kun grew up remarkably fast," said Seishirou calmly, coming out of the corridor into the reception's light. He had his glasses on and wore a white medical coat over his clothes. Matsumoto had asked if he was handsome and the answer was still glowing in Subaru's chest. "Practically overnight, in fact. Hello, my dear."

Seishirou went up to Subaru and, right there in front of Yukari and Michiko, bent down to give him a quick kiss on the lips. Subaru immediately turned even more red and ducked his head so as not to see Michiko's obvious embarrasment or Yukari's huge grin-- "Overnight, huh?" said Yukari archly. "Did you have a hand in that, Sakurazuka-sensei?"

"I certainly had my hands full."

"And your mouth?"

"I'll leave that to your imagination," replied Seishirou. He smoothly relieved Subaru of the laundered suit with one arm while the other wrapped shamelessly around Subaru's waist. Subaru reflexively stiffened but then Seishirou was guiding him past his staff down the corridor. "Keep going with the stocktake, we'll be in the surgery if you need me."

"Don't behave back there!" called out Yukari cheekily. Subaru felt his ears burn, even more so when he heard what sounded like reproachful whispers from Michiko that Yukari simply laughed away. They were cut off when having herded him into the brightly lit surgery, Seishirou shut the door.

Nearly ... finished ... chapter *grits teeth and spills some blood*
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It was a slip that could never been taken back. Subaru turned pale, memories of the insults that horrible young man had said pinning him down as he watched realisation unfold on Matsumoto's kindly old face-- "He? What do you -- oh. Oh." The bench seemed to drop out from under Subaru but the twisted Washio-like sneer failed to appear. Instead Matsumoto began to chuckle. "Well, well, that's not something you come across every day. Don't look so frightened, I'm not going to bite your head off -- when you get to my age you understand that finding someone you want to share the rest of your life with is too special to get hung up on things like that. So the two of you are different, hm? What's he like?"

For a while Subaru could only stare at Matsumoto, the way the old man smiled encouragingly and without judgment. Then Subaru realised he was smiling as well, truly smiling, in relief and in gratitude that rushed through him like wave of sun-warmed water. "What's Seishirou-san like, I--" A small laugh tumbled from his lips. "I don't know where to start."

Random research for this chapter: the history of Ueno Zoo immediatelly after the Second World War, hawk and eagle behaviour, and falconery. Because Matsumoto being a retired bird keeper and Subaru and Seishirou having birds for shikigami is too good an analytical opportunity to pass up.
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Subaru stared. "You don't think I should save him."

"No I don't."

"But it's the right thing to do! Preventing a violent death—" Abruptly he remembered who he was talking to. Turned back to his plate with jaw set. "I don't expect you to understand. You're the Sakurazukamori, of course you don't care."

Seishirou smirked. "You're so cute when you use my title as an insult. Though I suppose 'veterinarian' doesn't roll off the tongue quite so well."

Apparently the kick I need to push past a really bad case of post-holiday-blues-law-job-lack-of-focus-nothing-working writer's block is insomnia, no food, and coffee.
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Dear Santa, I'm sorry, I've been very bad with writing this year. My excuses are work, life, more law work, lack of focus, and now an upcoming five week holiday to Europe. Please forgive me and I promise I will do better next year >.>

*koff* as it says above, I have been horrible this year when it comes to writing, particularly on this project, and it doesn't help that this chapter is one of those where there's a lot of talking, not much action, all over a slowly simmering tension that has to be built up to explode. I just want to smash things, damnit!

Nukume Dori 18 (excerpt) )

T.B.C. with dinner, arguments, ultimatums, and a car crash.
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Since it's late on a week night and I have legal advice to give tomorrow, I'm going to save the website HTML coding and update til a later date and just throw this up on LJ =D many thanks to [ profile] toujin1 for helping me brainstorm and name the original character!

Nukume Dori 17 )

I feel rather bad that I've taken so long for what is essentially a bridging chapter >.> next is a revisit of 'Old' from book 5 of the Tokyo Babylon manga, and with Hokuto away on a school trip I'll just say that things get serious.
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I promised I would update this fic before Christmas, and I have!

BREATHE: It's been available on my writing journal and the [ profile] x2009 community for a while, but it's about time I added it to my website. For those who may not have come across it yet, short summary: Subaru wears a dress. It's not funny. Rated R.

NUKUME DORI: You knew this one was coming :) mini-Kyoto arc!
Chapter Fifteen: Subaru and Hokuto go home to Kyoto for New Years. Subaru is still recovering from the near-disaster Within previously and falls sick, Hokuto seems to be having issues of her own, and of course there's Lady Sumeragi to deal with. Also there's the introduction of an original character who I spent far too much time developing in anticipation of later chapters.
Chapter Sixteen: New Year's Eve. There are apologies to make and steps to take to growing up. Also Hokuto in a furisode.

Over here!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for reading!


Dec. 10th, 2010 01:58 pm
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ND16 done. I wrote 11,521 words of chapter in five weeks. Considering I used to think it good if I can get one chapter done a year I'm just going to let that sink in a bit.



Nov. 6th, 2010 04:22 pm
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Chapter 15 done, at just a smidge under 15,000 words with notes. And far, far too much research done for what ends up a two paragraph bit!

Starting Chapter 16 immediately. I /will/ get two chapters done before Christmas/NY.
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13,500+ words of chapter, and still not finished. And people wonder why I take so long to update >.>

One scene to go. It requires me to pull out Kyoto travel photos.
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The chapter that I had started sketching out purely so I could have some background notes regarding Seishirou but wasn't actually supposed to be a proper chapter is done. Almost. There's a flashback to the Within sequence in the previous chapter I need to finish but that's easy compared to getting Seishirou's insanely logical yet still in denial thought processees down. And then there's the Sakura. Which has started to show some initiative. Gah.

And I'm about to jump on a plane *g* I'll deal with the rest of the chapter and the clinic assistants after my mini-break also law assignments
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.... *stares at revised plot and structure* as if this fic wasn't long or complicated enough already. I'm blaming my Japan holiday, particularly my week in Kyoto, and the fact that Seishirou was demanding more focus and initiative, as were other characters (how Kakyou managed to raise his hand I don't know but he's here now >.>). On the other hand, the new plan is far more exciting.

Nukume Dori excerpt 1 )

Nukume Dori excerpt 2 )
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Despite any presumptions to the contrary, I am still alive just not always present. Suffice to say full-time work, court cases, apartment renovations/management, social life, cosplay, part-time study, etc., means writing has been pushed off to the side in my list of priorities.

(Oh, and my desktop computer crashed as well, taking my music, media, fics, site and writing with it. Luckily most of my writing is backed up on my laptop, as for everything else ... well, they're inaccessible until I get a new computer and new OS.)

But until I get everything back to normal again (hopefully sometime next month when everything settles down), have something to read.

Nukume Dori: Annex V )

Also, to everyone who has commented to be added to this journal over the past few weeks, I think I've added everyone but if I've missed you please comment here and I'll flail around and remedy my error immediately :O
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For everyone who finished the previous chapter and wanted to scream at me ...

Site update

Update includes--
Annex IV: Hokuto and Seishirou have a baking afternoon
Chapter Twelve: Seishirou doesn't take well to being shocked. Subaru has lots of fast talking to do.

Additionally, I redid the entire fic thus far making the formatting prettier and fixing up typos and other tiny edits. Also since so many people thought last update that Chapter Twelve would be the last one, you can now see there's still quite a way to go, with my last wordcount putting this fic at 104,000+ words. I swear this fic has taken over my life.