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Thank you so much to everyone who read and enjoyed the final chapter of Morning! (Particularly if you were someone who started reading it nearly a decade ago :P). As it happens, there were two lines I reluctantly cut from that chapter that I thought should live somewhere, so on my morning commute this morning I scribbled a pair of drabbles.

Morning Conversations
- unwanted imagery
- scarlet familiarity

Hope you enjoy this added bonus!
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For the first time in a very long time I am a) not traveling anywhere, b) not working (sick day), and c) actually have the creative headspace to write. So I finished a thing!

TITLE: Morning
CHAPTER: 6 (final)
SUMMARY: Breakfast finally gets eaten but not finished.
NOTES: It's the final chapter! I started this fic in 2004 which is ... oh god, nearly a decade ago. And it's only six chapters. Uh, I had a law degree to finish, a job to find, three cities to move to, and now a new continent to live on?

Read it over at AO3 but leave a comment wherever you please :)

*takes a bow* thank you all for reading and being so patient!
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"You were gone." Subaru's voice was muffled as he pressed his face against the Sakurazukamori's chest, one hand tangling in the man's shirt – no, Subaru definitely wasn't aware of his audience. "You were gone, you had left me again—"

"Subaru-kun, this isn't a good time—"

"—also you put me to sleep which you know I hate take the spell off—"

"—that's not a good idea; I really think you should let me take you back upstairs—"

"—I said take it

Dead silence followed Subaru's shout. Seiichirou realised he was holding his breath along with everyone else. Like a defensive hawk the Sakurazukamori looked down at all of them, possessively holding onto Subaru who fit so comfortably against him and mind obviously racing to find a way to manage the situation. Seiichirou felt an odd sympathy for him. "As you wish," he said at last.


I made this fic a prequel to this fic. That meant I read it again for the first time in what, nearly four years? And then I got to where I left off and felt really, really guilty, because it only needed one more chapter to be complete. So I sat down and started doing it. Two thousand words later I finally know how it's going to end. my defence, it's actually far easier to write now that I'm closer to Seiichirou's age so I know exactly what perspective he's bringing.

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