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This is all Becky's fault. COMPLETELY. Also I went to an eye doctor recently and now know far too much about the structure of the eye and what can go wrong with it.

S&S oneshot, takes place after Subaru's blinding by Fuuma in X and the destruction of Shinjuku. Can be read as a prequel to this other fic of mine hence the title.

The Moonlight is Morning's Prelude )
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"We're closed, sorry!" This call from the reception desk where Yukari the veterinary assistant and Michiko the receptionist were standing. As Subaru closed the door Yukari hurried over to him a service smile pasted to her face. "Hi there, sorry we're actually closing up so unless it's an emergency could you come back--" She broke off as she realised who he was. "Sumeragi-kun?"

Subaru bowed still holding on to the suit. "Good evening Yukari-san, Michiko-s--"

"Oh wow, Sumeragi-kun, hello!" Yukari's face was an flashing animation of delighted surprise. "I didn't realise it was you with that haircut, you look so different! And you've picked up Sakurazuka-sensei's suit, that's so sweet, let me get him--" With a grin she jogged up to the corridor that led to the surgery and back rooms and dramatically cupped a hand beside her mouth. "Sakurazuka-sensei, your wife's here!"

Subaru nearly dropped the suit. Behind the reception desk Michiko had turned a disapproving red. "Yukari-san, really," she chided.

"It's all right, we're among friends! Come on in, Sumeragi-kun, no need to stand by the door, when did you get your hair cut? It's a great look and really works on you, don't you agree Michiko-san? And I bet it works for Sakurazuka-sensei too if you know what I mean."

The grin on her face was slightly too wide, and didn't help Subaru regain composure. "I, I'm not sure I do, Yukari-san."

"Oh, you know,
works. Cute is one thing and you were very cute, but it's for kids and there's only so much Sakurazuka-sensei can do with a kid. You look older this way." She winked as if sharing a secret that Subaru didn't think he liked, and he liked less the assumption that he understood in the first place. "No matter what people say, there will always be those of us who mature faster than others, right?"

Subaru felt his face heat. Naive as he knew he was about such things, the implications beind Yukari's words were rapidly taking shape. He didn't know which made him more uncomfortable, the implications themselves or the fact that he was now able to see them, but then there was a shadow behind Yukari and his discomfort spiked into a flutter. "Subaru-kun grew up remarkably fast," said Seishirou calmly, coming out of the corridor into the reception's light. He had his glasses on and wore a white medical coat over his clothes. Matsumoto had asked if he was handsome and the answer was still glowing in Subaru's chest. "Practically overnight, in fact. Hello, my dear."

Seishirou went up to Subaru and, right there in front of Yukari and Michiko, bent down to give him a quick kiss on the lips. Subaru immediately turned even more red and ducked his head so as not to see Michiko's obvious embarrasment or Yukari's huge grin-- "Overnight, huh?" said Yukari archly. "Did you have a hand in that, Sakurazuka-sensei?"

"I certainly had my hands full."

"And your mouth?"

"I'll leave that to your imagination," replied Seishirou. He smoothly relieved Subaru of the laundered suit with one arm while the other wrapped shamelessly around Subaru's waist. Subaru reflexively stiffened but then Seishirou was guiding him past his staff down the corridor. "Keep going with the stocktake, we'll be in the surgery if you need me."

"Don't behave back there!" called out Yukari cheekily. Subaru felt his ears burn, even more so when he heard what sounded like reproachful whispers from Michiko that Yukari simply laughed away. They were cut off when having herded him into the brightly lit surgery, Seishirou shut the door.

Nearly ... finished ... chapter *grits teeth and spills some blood*
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Site updated finally yes it's about time. Only one fic, but given that it's Nukume Dori chapter ten I think that'll be okay ^^ actually, I've updated the whole fic so far, with general edits that I've always wanted to do, and also for accuracy in terms of geography and the transport system etc., now that I've actually /been/ to Tokyo and a lot of the sites in the story such as the Sunshine 60 Aquarium.

Lots of thanks to [ profile] velvetpaws for editing XD

And here's the link to my site
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S&S drabble, inspired by this piece of fanart by [ profile] shisakura. Apparently it's the first out of 50 for [ profile] 50_lovequotes :P fifty pieces of S&S fanart YAY!

S&S (duh), no warnings other than for WAFF and that I DID NOT EDIT IT because I wrote it in, oh, about twenty minutes? At least, it was twenty minutes if you discount the fact that I went clothes shopping with my brother in the middle of it *feels like Hokuto*

Someone who will stay awake just to watch you sleep )


Aug. 2nd, 2005 12:13 pm
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TITLE: In the Dark
SERIES: Tokyo Babylon / X
NOTES: Adult content, and if you can find a plot in it I'll applaud you. As it is, if you are a) underage or b) uncomfortable with male/male sexual situations, then considered yourself notified.

Read at the usual place: Behold, the Void

Now if only the /other/ S&S lemon would write itself this easily ....
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It's December, and Christmas is coming! So, here's a Christmas-themed snippet. Actually it's been floating on my hard-drive in several versions and sections, a couple I'm pretty sure I've already put up here, but I'm trying to make it into a coherent story now. Besides, I wanted to do a fic with Seishirou being more considerate and perhaps even a little gentle, plus I liked the image that was in my head, and you can head over to Yuuzai and find the picture version that I talked Ari and C into doing for me (thanks, guys!).

Comes after 'Silent Night, Lonely Night'. Give me enough alcohol and S&S smut/p0rn and maybe I'll continue it into a lemon, but right now I like the nice romance.

Once )
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Possible beginning to the possible S&S fic that people keep asking will ever happen; the one that's supposed to be between 'Silent Night' and 'In My Line of Work I'. Tempting as it is to continue, I think I'm more inclined to leave it up to the imagination. It'd be just a PWP anyway ^^;;

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