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Mar. 24th, 2009 07:38 am
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After sending some very unimpressed emails to various people (nothing gets across polite cold and vaguely threatening like a letter drafted by a lawyer) my site is back up. Now to work on an update =D

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Yes, I'm aware that my site is down (again). It's something to do with having a different register to a host provider, and I'm working on getting it back up sloooowly. I'm also working far too much generally, about to recommence part time legal studies, and for some reason ever since my trip to Japan Nukume Dori keeps developing in my head in ways I hadn't anticipated >.> meantime, here's a little drabble I did after marathoning the entirety of Card Captor Sakura just to prove that I'm still alive. Barely :P

A Knight in Shorts and Soccer Shoes )


Aug. 17th, 2008 09:12 pm
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Look what I resurrected over the weekend.

Caveat: the three biggest series fics -- Shadows of the Moon, Angelic Intervention and Nukume Dori -- are still to be reuploaded, reason being that revising and re-coding all those chapters is obviously going to take a while. I'll probably re-upload them with the next update which will include the next chapter of Nukume Dori (over 16,000 words! one more scene to go!) plus the latest Annex and the original story I did for SSBB a few months ago.

For now, but, I just wanted to bring my site back to life it'll give me incentive to write more :) it's good to have the link working again.
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Look what got updated.

The thing with this fic is that I had most of the ending penned out, like, oh, at least four years ago? Four years ago I was still in uni, hadn't been to Canada or Japan, and was still blithely thinking this fic epic was easy and that the 'Save' story could be done in a chapter. Reality is that 'Save' is turning out to be far the longest of the cases in Nukume Dori, but the good thing is that now that I've finally gotten to this point things I've officially reached the major turn in the story and it will be far, FAR more interesting. Enough Subaru development, now the Subaru/Seishirou stuff can really start!
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Despite moving interstate and starting full-time work, I am still managing to write.

Nukume Dori Annex III: Hunter. With a title like that it can only be for Seishirou. Chapter 11 is being worked on, just proving a little more complicated than originally planned T_T

Boys Don't Cry. Can't abandon Yami no Matsuei, especially when Tatsumi and Tsuzuki are so much fun. Light-hearted chapter where the Earl invites Tsuzuki over for lunch and Tsuzuki drags his partner along for protection. Something nice before everything goes to hell.

Read at the usual place
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Site updated finally yes it's about time. Only one fic, but given that it's Nukume Dori chapter ten I think that'll be okay ^^ actually, I've updated the whole fic so far, with general edits that I've always wanted to do, and also for accuracy in terms of geography and the transport system etc., now that I've actually /been/ to Tokyo and a lot of the sites in the story such as the Sunshine 60 Aquarium.

Lots of thanks to [ profile] velvetpaws for editing XD

And here's the link to my site


Aug. 2nd, 2005 12:13 pm
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TITLE: In the Dark
SERIES: Tokyo Babylon / X
NOTES: Adult content, and if you can find a plot in it I'll applaud you. As it is, if you are a) underage or b) uncomfortable with male/male sexual situations, then considered yourself notified.

Read at the usual place: Behold, the Void

Now if only the /other/ S&S lemon would write itself this easily ....

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