Aug. 27th, 2014

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Because I feel bad* about the cliffhanger...

"Why a vet?"

The vaporiser flow was precisely adjusted. "What do you mean?"

"Why a vet and not a - I don't know. A lawyer. An electrician. A NHK license-fee collector. You could do almost anything or nothing at all, so why a vet? Other than the ... convenience ... for sakanagi."

"Why not?" All ready. The dog was brought over. "It's a high-skilled, respected occupation; it's independent; and the patients don't talk. Put him on his side and keep him calm."

Subaru did so carefully so that although the dog whimpered it otherwise remained obediently still. "And you enjoy it?"

"I always enjoy a challenge." Clinically Seishirou brought the mask close; the dog flinched and quickly Subaru began to pet it, whispering words of reassurance and taking the mask from Seishirou to fit it gently over the dog's snout. "Other than the performance aspect it doesn't hurt to test different skills, and keeping an animal alive is more challenging than killing it. Hold the mask steady until the anaesthesia takes effect, and make sure there aren't any kinks in the hose. The last thing we want is the patient waking up in the middle of the operation ..."

... the hiss of gas, the beep of monitoring machines, the silence of concentration. Masked and anonymous the surgeons worked with reddened rubber hands, the torn figure before them reduced to a problem to be solved. Its face under the mask was deathly pale and still.

A shadow brushed by the scrub nurse. She shivered but determinedly kept her concentration readying the suture threads, and never saw the ghostly bird perched in the dark corner staring at their patient with burning, golden eyes.

{tbc with Hokuto}

* okay not that bad :D

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