Sep. 6th, 2014

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Because the next chapter is rather ... complicated to write, I'm procrastinating. Sort of. In trying to plot the next chapter I distracted myself wondering about the characters' simple daily life just being together before everything changes in 'Rebirth'. And since the beginning of the 'Rebirth' chapter mentions The past two weeks or so had passed in a blur though it hadn't felt like it at the time, it had just felt like a languid dream I started sketching scenes.

Slice of life, first of perhaps seven set between Nukume Dori 'Box' and 'Rebirth', inspiration from and parallel to a similar item-related scene in the X/1999 manga.

a tie
The early morning sun strikes the floor sculpting a landscape from the clothes that carelessly lie about there. A loose green tie creates a shadowed tree-line, a pair of jeans makes hills and valleys, a light blue shirt could be a lake. Their owners on the bed above make a different landscape, one of dunes and slacks as their warm limbs flow around each other. When one of them rises it's like a minor earthquake, shifting and reshaping bodies until eventually like sand what is left settles once more. Subaru yawns. "Is it a full day at the clinic today?" he asks.

"Mostly." Absently the tie is retrieved from the floor. "We're meeting Hokuto-chan for lunch, though, before you go home."

The far wardrobe is opened revealing an orderly array of pressed shirts, folded jumpers, and dark suits hanging neatly over a row of polished shoes. With practiced care Seishirou rolls up yesterday's tie to place it with its fellows before selecting underwear and a pair of dark grey trousers. Subaru watches from the bed in shy admiration. "You always dress so well," he murmurs.

"You like?"

"Very much." A crisp white shirt is selected and pulled on covering skin that Subaru had kissed last night. "It's something you and Hokuto-chan have in common."

"As Hokuto-chan would say, what you wear reflects how you wish to be seen by the world, and all men should know how to tie a tie." Seishirou casts a sly grin over his shoulder. "Besides, I do appreciate a good suit. Have you ever worn one? A proper suit, not one of Hokuto-chan's interpretations."

"Not often. Usually for formal occasions I wear traditional clothing. But I can tie a tie."

"Oh?" Cuffs buttoned, Seishirou walks over to the bed his shirt undone at the collar and a length of wine-red silk in hand which he holds out. His smile is one of challenge. "You know how to take it off. Let me see how you put it on."

Slowly Subaru takes the tie and pulls. For a moment it stretches between them taut and straight, hissing a little through Seishirou's fingers until the other end falls. "What happens if I can't?" Subaru asks, rising from the sheets to his knees.

"You won't be allowed to get dressed. And I'll be late for work."

"Ah." Slim fingers reach up to place the tie around Seishirou's neck, the first crossover deliberately incorrect. Subaru's eyes sparkle close under Seishirou's grin. "I'll do my best, then."

next: hokuto and seishirou, a shop

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