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A short note, just in case anyone feels inclined to get involved and also to give effect to some sort of public notice:

I heard about the FanHistory Wiki a few months ago, was mildly amused and never thought much about it afterwards other than being rather glad no on had put up a page for me in the CLAMP or TB/X section because of privacy implications. Now, however, someone is going around hitting up fandom communities on LJ including a few I'm in asking for contributions. In this context, some people more involved than me have put up a bit of background info about that site that is worth keeping in mind.

Thus far, I have not been picked up either by FanHistory's bot or their recently implemented LiveJournal bot and I've taken what steps I can to minimise the chance of this happening. I'm trusting that people who read my fics in the fandoms I have a presence in will never add me to that wiki in any way. Whether or not the information about that site is true the privacy implications are very real and I've had people inform me that they've attempted to get information about themselves removed from the site and been blocked by the site owners. I maintain a strict separation between my fandom/internet activities and my real life and I'd like that to be respected because. My lawyer card is supposed to be used for work; I don't want to have to bring it into fandom *g*

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