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I promised I would update this fic before Christmas, and I have!

BREATHE: It's been available on my writing journal and the [ profile] x2009 community for a while, but it's about time I added it to my website. For those who may not have come across it yet, short summary: Subaru wears a dress. It's not funny. Rated R.

NUKUME DORI: You knew this one was coming :) mini-Kyoto arc!
Chapter Fifteen: Subaru and Hokuto go home to Kyoto for New Years. Subaru is still recovering from the near-disaster Within previously and falls sick, Hokuto seems to be having issues of her own, and of course there's Lady Sumeragi to deal with. Also there's the introduction of an original character who I spent far too much time developing in anticipation of later chapters.
Chapter Sixteen: New Year's Eve. There are apologies to make and steps to take to growing up. Also Hokuto in a furisode.

Over here!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for reading!
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Nukume Dori
Chapter Fourteen: After going Within Subaru and seeing what his prey remembers of their future Seishirou has a lot of thinking to do and decisions to make. Unfortunately for him, the Sakura is also taking steps.
Annex VI - Support Staff: The Sakurazuka Veterinary Clinic has two support staff. They're very normal, ordinary people. They are not, however, completely blind.

You'll notice from the story's front page that there's been a significant revision in structure. There's a very good reason for it, and I blame in no particular order Seishirou, the Sakura, the Sumeragi family, Seishirou again, and Kakyou. Particularly Seishirou.

Next stop, Kyoto. I have been working up to this for god knows how long and now that I am free from the academic worries that have plagued me for oh, the last two and a half decades, I can dive straight into it and realistically aim to get the next chapter released in a couple of months at most. Seriously, after so long of putting writing and this epic in particular on the back-burner I am itching to make serious progress on it.

Over here!
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It is, quite literally, mere hours before I'm due to jump on a plane to visit Western Australia, Malaysia and Japan, and as I do every year before I go on holiday, I bring an update!

Morning - chapter 5 has been added to my site with some minor edits from the version that I posted to this ficlog.
End of the Line - a couple of months ago I participated in the 'Ten Years Later' challenge at the [ profile] x2009 community with what was perhaps the most blatantly un-anonymous submission ever *g* End of the Line reunites original characters Detectives Kobayashi, Shigure and Ayako as well as Izuru in the year 2009 at Kobayashi's retirement party. Kobayashi doesn't like parties, and likes even less having to make speeches at such parties, but he goes along with it anyway. At the end of it, however, there's one more person who wishes to congratulate him. End of the Line also means that as much as I insist that Silent Night, Lonely Night / In My Line of Work I / In My Line of Work II and Capturing The Moment are not and were never meant to be considered a 'series' they have become one on their own.

Another challenge I submitted for this year was Shousetsu Bang*Bang over at [ profile] s2b2 which is an online zine for original boy's love stories. The theme for that issue was 'music' and as a classical music student I jumped into that one with visions choirboys singing Mozart, Bach, Handel, Allegri and more. It was supposed to be a short story but as it turns out I'm incapable of short, especially when there's historical research involved into English cathedral schools, the choir boy tradition, the First World War, and more.

I have gift art! It's from [ profile] periergeia featuring Subaru and Seishirou from the Within scene in chapter 13 of Nukume Dori!

Link to the void

And now -- back to packing. I'm going to Japan for three weeks, let's see what that does for my inspiration :)

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Site update.

Annex V: Answers - the aftermath of the reveal in Chapter 12, from Seishirou's point of view.
Chapter 13 - if Subaru thought things were going to get easier, he's very wrong.

Annex VI is going to be a short piece featuring an original character who's been mentioned a few times in this fic, namely Seishirou's veterinary assistant. Chapter 14 will move the action to Kyoto, which, as things turn out, is where I'm going to be at the end of the year on holiday. Research trip!

There's a very special addition to the Readers section: an audio-fic of In My Line of Work created and read aloud by Rhea. It's close to two hours long, and really amazing (I've put it on my iPhone) so go check it out!

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